Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toasted Marshmallow Brownies....

Okay, I know...but I couldn't resist! I saw this recipe on another blog (Cookies and Cups, the link is on my page) and I couldn't resist making them! I have been planning them for days~you are probably thinking....Chrissy, get a life.....but I couldn't resist the cuteness!! I couldn't figure out why my frosting was softer than on the other blog, but I just realized, I didn't add enough powdered sugar...DUH! They were still tasty all the same!
Sorry the photos are a little blurry, I think my camera is dying.
The finished product...

Snowmen in the making...

Getting ready...

Yes, it does taste like a roasted marshmallow.....Jimmy found this for me at Weis Markets in Willow Street....

Oh, and I fed my family Pizza Hut pizza and brownies for nutritious! :)
These are so fun, I can hardly stand it!! Here is the recipe (I adapted this recipe to what I had on hand):
1 9x13 Brownie Mix, plus ingredients to make them
2 7oz containers of Toasted Marshmallow Fluff
1 C. Butter, at room temprature
3 C. Powdered Sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Chocolate Glaze:
3/4 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips
3 Tbsp. Butter
1 Tbsp. Light Corn Syrup
1. Bake brownies according to package directions. Allow to cool completely.
2. To make the frosting, beat butter and marshmallow until smooth. Add vanilla and powdered
sugar. Spread over brownies.
3. Make the glaze by melting all ingred. until smooth. Spread over top of frosting.
4. Place in refrig. until set.

To make the Snowman:
Place 3 mini marshmallows on a toothpick. Coat in melted white chocolate and immediately top w/ a chocolate chip for a hat. After the dry, you can do their faces a variety of ways.....edible ink pens or I used a toothpick and decorator gel.

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