Monday, January 31, 2011

Contagious Joy....Do you have it?

"A twinkle in the eye means joy in the heart."

Proverbs 15:30 MSG

I have been studying JOY, all aspects of it; from living without joy, finding joy in get the idea! The verse above makes me think of my kids and the twinkle they have in their eyes all the time. They find joy in EVERYTHING! I mean everything.....when it rains, Riley wants to get geared up and go jump in the puddles...I wish I could say the same, I am more of a puddle plodder than a puddle jumper because I worry about the mud that will get tracked thru the house, the cold the kids might catch, just the mess it will make.......but when the kids laugh those big belly laughs or get excited over a special treat their joy is contagious. It made me think~does my joy shine through? It states in this study that "joyous people whistle while they work and break into spontaneous song." I have a friend who will often break into song....I LOVE it, it is fun, it is contagious, it makes me smile and it helps me to see what a joy she is!

I am hoping that whatever you do today you find great joy in it-break into song, do some whistling-impact the people around you with your joy! I also pray that if you are having trouble finding joy in your days, that you know you can pray for joy...a joy that will not be affected by changes in your circumstance or your emotions....a joy that is contagious. Remember JOY IS YOURS! God does not want us to live a joyless life, sometimes all you need to do is ask!

"Joy must be the shocking pink thread in our tapestry, because people seem stunned by this flamboyant stictch. When we exhibit joy during trying times, others view us as odd ducks, 'cause everyone knows life ain't no ride on no pink duck." ~Patsy Clairmont

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