Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Day Dawns.....Are You Ready?

I was doing a devotion this morning that asked if I am "winterized"? There are so many things that can come against us that can cause us to have "cold" hearts or icy attitudes (for example: people who act cold to us, blizzards of bills, commitments, relationships that go sour. Winter is also a common time for depression to set in). The devotion gave some solutions that can help to carry us through the "winters" of our lives~both spiritual and day to day living! We stock up on foods that won't go bad-well, scripture doesn't go is a great place to turn for advice. We all like the warm cozy feeling of blankets - Fellowship with one another (yes, I know it is winter but have a sledding party, have the neighbors over and set up a hot cocoa or coffee bar, etc.) is another great way to battle the winter duldrums....those are just a few examples. We all face challenges and trials in our lives but we can choose how to handle them and alot of times how we handle them sets the pace for how others respond to us!

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

These are just some random shots of how we spent our 2 hour delay.

Our sledding hill....much more fun in the winter....Spring/Summer/Fall=mowing!

JD practicing his snowboarding...

Riley sledding...

Have a snowy day!!

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