Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Night Fun!

Okay, so Friday nights I usually look for a way out of cooking.....what better way than to have a "date night" with JD. (I am sorry, he told me that it was not cool to have dates with your mom, but it was okay to call it a "hanging out" night...whatever! Riley and Jimmy stayed home and ate chilli, cornbread and I made Jimmy some of Tastefully Simples Beer Bread....very easy to do!! JD and I went to JB Dawson's....I don't recommend eating there on a Friday night with a hungry 8 year old boy.....he was very patient but VERY hungry (according to him he was starving....I doubt that). After eating we cruised the mall (do people still say "cruise the mall" or was that banished??) and he actually wanted a pair of converse know the "Chuck Taylor's" of the 80's. He got low top black ones because they didn't have the charcoal color he wanted. Then he actually got into one of those photo booths with me, oh I wish I could scan them and download them, pretty funny pictures!! To cap off the night we decided to stop at the store on the way home and get the makings for that Riley could be included!!

Anyway, this is a work weekend for me, so I may not get recipes posted until Monday!! Depending on how tired I am!

:) Happy Weekend!!

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