Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day Fun & Caramel Drizzle Hot Cocoa!

Well, we have survived the snow so far.....I am pretty sure we are to get another round of it tonight! The kids helped me clean this morning so after lunch, we packed up and went outside....
Here is what we did:

Riley made a snowman...his name is "Snowy" (I know original, right?):

JD made a stool, hmmm.....

I shoveled the the way, Mr. Snowplow man...the next you come by please don't throw wet, heavy snow on me....
Then we came in for caramel drizzled hot cocoa! I had a caramel drizzle mocha cafe!
No, I did not buy those mugs for my kids, Nana did....why? because Nana doesn't have to listen to the whistling.....wonder if I have time to go out shopping before it snows again??
I will post dinner recipes later tonight....another crock pot recipe!
Happy Snow Day!

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