Monday, July 16, 2012


I know.  I've been absent since May.  I don't know why.  Call it summer laziness, call it busy-ness, call it what you want but I can say that my summer is flying!  Can you believe it is almost the end of July?  I mean really, where does summer go?

My profile to the right says that I am a 30-something mom.  I need to change that.  At the end of this week, I will be 40!  The big 4-0.  I am not fretting over it ~ I don't feel forty (okay, maybe my knees ache and I am not as fit as I used to be).  I love birthdays - ask my family.  They will tell you. 

I don't have any recipes today.  I know.  Boring right?  You can tell me!  I promise to have some recipes soon!  This swim team thing has kept us stepping this summer and now speed & agility camp for football has joined the mix.  Not a whole lot of cookin' going on.  There is a whole lot of sandwich making and packing our dinners in lunchboxes (maybe I should call them supperboxes).

Oooo, one big thing - I have the best friends ever!  They surprised me with a trip to see Savannah, GA.  What a fun 4 day weekend!  We had the most fun.  We watched a chick flick (The Vow....great!!).  Shopped til we dropped (great boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants), saw Express Fashions fashion show, ate great food, visited the beach, saw where Paula Deen lives.  If you are ever in Savannah, can I recommend the following:

1.  Fab'Rik
2.  Kayak Kafe'
3.  Paris Market
4.  Nourish
5.  The Salt Table
6.  Red Clover
7.  One Fish, Two Fish
8.  Cherry Picked (high end consignment store - seriously, there was a dress there for a few hundred
     dollars, that was the marked down price).
9.  Goose Feathers Bakery and Cafe
10. Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian Hotel
11.  Jazzd Tapas Bar
12.  Visit Tybee Island

That's all for tonight!  Hope you are all having a safe and fun summer!!