Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Treats and Weekends!

This was a work weekend for me, so again, not a whole lot of cooking going on. I have to say that I do love weekends though, for the mere fact that there is no homework to worry about, we can have a family movie night and it is okay if the kids get to bed a little later and even though it seems busy sometimes, it just doesn't seem to feel as rushed! We were able to get the kids valentines done for their class is the finished project.

These are the items needed to make your rockets:

This what it looks like:

This was JD's valentines for his friends, easy project that he did almost by himself:

Here is what you need for Riley's Valentine:

Finished product....wrapped in a small bag and tied with a Valentine Ribbon and tag with friends names on it:

Another shot...

And so begins another week! Looks like there is no snow in the forecast (hopefully, that doesn't change)!

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