Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cotton & Cashmere!

Back before Christmas I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas Open House at this lovely home - but schedules did not seem to work in my favor and I missed it!  I was DISAPPOINTED because let me tell ya, the things that Carey @ Cotton & Cashmere had been advertising were things I know that I would have loved!  Well imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Carey to say that I had won a random drawing for a prize!! WAHOO!!! Can I tell you that I never win anything! 

This package arrived at my house and I gleefully opened it to discover this hand soap and lotion!  Amazing!  Love the smell of the lotion, which is the same scent as the soap above!  So if you are looking for a little "romance" for your valentine's day - contact Carey @ Cotton & Cashmere for more information - I am not sure if you can still order this scent but I am sure she will know of other scents or products that you may love!!  Here is the link


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