Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kinder Cwk....

No, I didn't spell "cook" wrong....apparently in 1978 we spelled things as they sounded or the "schwa" learning is what it was called I believed.

Since my parents have downsized, I seem to be "inheriting" stuff.....stuff that I really don't need because I have enough stuff of my own...however, this is one of the things that came my way, and I cherish it. It is a cookbook that I made for my mom back in Kindergarten......Mrs. Humphries, the teacher collected recipes from our mom's and put them on one side of a copy and then she asked us, the all knowing "kinder cwks" for our recipes......I rolled laughing at some of these, but for the sake of boring you all to death, I only posted mine....

That is my handprint......

Fish....really, Chrissy??

Who wants to come for dinner....for fish?


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