Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recipe for Friendship!

Okay, I have to admit that I tear up just thinking about doing this post. This week we said, "See you soon" to really good friends who have moved to Virginia! One evening last week I was visiting with Alison and asked her, "Exactly how did we become good friends?" I know we met at church, but what was the defining factor that said, "Come hang out at our pool" or "Come on up for Friday night fun". Neither one of us really knew....I can tell you that it feels as if the Fredericks have always been around, as a matter of fact, Jimmy (Fredericks) and his brother Matt have dubbed my Jimmy...."Cousin Jimmy" and what a nice feeling to have good friends like that, friends who immediately feel like family! Just as quickly, our little girls became fast friends, too and we will miss them!

Alison came to my house one time and brought me a decorative plate that I proudly display in my dining room! The plate stated:

"Friends...God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through."

It is my prayer for them to arrive safely in VA, settle in to their beautiful new home with their fabulous family, for the little girls to adjust and make friends quickly and for Alison and Jimmy to know that we will help to see them through whatever they need...even though we are a small distance.

Here are some photo shots of our last hoorah with the Fredericks!

The girls really enjoyed those cupcakes!

Ry and Lydia sat away from the crowd and were engrossed in conversation for quite sometime....oh to be a fly on the wall, to hear their chatter...

JD enjoying their pool...

Ry and Lydia...

Fredericks family you will be missed tremendously! Thanks for your years of friendship and the many more to come! See you soon!

2 Cups of Patience

1 Heart full of Love

2 Handfuls of Generosity

2 Cups of Loyalty

1 Cup of Understanding

A dash of Laughter

DIRECTIONS: Mix all together. Sprinkle generously over a lifetime. Serve everyone you meet.


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