Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garlic, Tomato, Basil Grilled Chicken

Can I just say that today was a good day, I got floors mopped and vacuumed, dusting done, baseboards washed, laundry done~you know, it was one of those days that just seemed to go smoothly and then just as I sat down to type up this post JD runs inside and says, "I need the peroxide!" Hmmm...this can never end up good! Turns out Jimmy cut his finger....ended up getting two stitches. Never a dull moment!

Now back to dinner~I love everything chicken (almost) and this is no exception! This marinade is so simple and with grilling season knocking on our doors, this is a great go-to, quick, grilling dish!

This is ALL you need (I actually used a balsamic vinegar and it was fantastic)!):

Marinate your chicken for the recommended 15 minutes, or do like I did and marinate all day....I think it gives you a TON more flavor if you marinate it all day.

I sliced about a 1/2 of one of the chicken breasts and put it on top of salad~it was delicious.

For the rest of the family (who like plain, old salad...JD's words not mine), I served a plain salad and some baked potato salad, which they scarfed down!

Happy Eating!

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