Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3rd Grade Book Reports and a little PTO Appreciation!

I cannot believe this school year has gone by.....I feel like each year goes by a little quicker so I am trying to embrace the time that my kids still want me to participate in their school activities!  JD has had 4 book reports this year - I was thankful for them because he is not my reader and would rather be doing a multitude of different things before actually sitting still and reading.  These books have made him take the time to read!  The most recent one was a mystery and a "penguin pendant" went missing!  Sooooo, because we had to make a puppet (no, I don't sew - he made a finger puppet out of construction paper) - I figured it would be fun to provide a little treat to go along with his book report for the class!  All I did was bake the cupcakes - JD did the rest!  Here is how we did it:

Start by making sure you have clean hands!!

Set up your work area with your supplies:
Start working on your cupcakes: 
I used a basic vanilla cake mix (boxed) and a buttercream icing.  The head and wings were made out of the Keebler Mint Cookies (you know, the ones the copied off the Girls Scouts...), Mini Chocolate Chips and dried mango slices for the feet and beak! 

With the school year wrapping up - so is PTO!  The other officers and I took the opportunity last Thursday to thank some of the chair people and reliable volunteers that we have had the honor to work with!!  Here is a little of what we served:

A little "thank you" for them to take home~

So YUMMY!  A create your own fruit pizza!

Caprese Bites! (with a Sweet Balsamic Dipping Sauce)

Chicken Cesar Salad Sliders!
Hope everyone has a great end to their school year!!



  1. Hey there! What a great blog you have! I can't wait to check out the recipes you have. The Caprese bites were soooo good. As was the chicken. Who knew a little Caesar dressing could make it so tasty!

    1. Thanks Amy! Hope you enjoy~let me know if you have any questions on recipes!!