Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bake Sale and Spatini!!!

Okay, my techy problems are not solved but I have figured a way around them for now!! Yea!! Who remembers Spatini?? Am I the only one, Jimmy had never heard of it before, yet alone tasted it! When I was growing up this was what "homemade" spaghetti sauce was made of and for some reason, they pulled off the retail market! After some research the other week, I FOUND it!! I was so excited, I couldn't wait until it arrived! Well, it has arrived and may I remind you, I bought it in commercial size, I have enough sauce from one packet to feed an army!! Guess who is freezing sauce?? This is what you need to make spaghetti sauce! Yep, that is the gi-normous can of tomato paste that you buy at Costco or BJ's (and you always wonder what someone would do with that size of tomato paste), the packet of spatini and 2 cans (the tomato paste size) of water! This past week was a busy one with bake sales, bingo night and the Ladies Retreat, Here are a few things that I made for the bake sale at the kids school: Whoopie Pies w/ a Vanilla Fluff Icing~ Chocolate covered pretzels.... Tubs of yummy goodness... Fun tags~ Fresh from the oven... Thanks to everyone who "voted" I will be doing some baking/dessert making this week because we are celebrating Easter this weekend with the family, since I am working Easter weekend...and I am sure with the nice weather, grilling recipes will be coming out this week too!! Happy Eating!!

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